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I'm Davide 'CoderDave' Benvegnu, a DevOps Lead (before a DevOps Architect at Microsoft and GitHub), and I want to take you with me along my DevOps journey.

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Highlighted Videos

Highlighted Videos

Check out the most popular videos on CoderDave!

Use GitHub like a PRO!
8 secrets, tips and tricks

Let's dig into secrets, tips and tricks and see how to use GitHub better, smarter and more conveniently. Start using GitHub like a pro right now!

Azure DevOps Environments EXPLAINED

Let's start our journey into Azure DevOps Environments. The question is: why should I use an environment to deploy my application?

What Are The BENEFITS of DevOps?

What is DevOps? Why DevOps is important? What are the benefits of doing DevOps? And why should everyone adopt DevOps? All the answers you are looking for, in a sigle video.

Azure Pipelines: Classic vs Yaml - Build and Release comparison

Should you use the Multistage YAML Pipelines, or the Classic ones? What are the main differences, the pros and the cons of each one? This is what we will learn today.

GitHub Actions: Approvals and Environments DEEP DIVE

GitHub Actions finally have Approvals and Environments! In this video we will explore those features and we will see how to set them up and use them the best way.

Common DevOps MISTAKES And How to AVOID Them

I teamed up with a group of awesome DevOps experts and asked each of them to give you their biggest DevOps mistakes and how to avoid them.

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